The 5 best apps for musicians

apps for musicians

Widespread use of smartphones has brought many advantages; including a long list of mobile apps that we have at our disposal to make life easier. And if you’re a musician, you’re no exception. Tuners, metronomes, scores… A whole universe of possibilities and tools await you on your mobile phone, for you to become an all-round musician able to create, play music, and to have fun anytime anywhere. The best part? You won’t have to spend hours delving into various marketplaces to find the best apps for musicians… we’ve already done that for you! Here is our list of must-haves…


To begin with, there’s nothing better than this basic essential in any musician’s case: a tuner. Indeed, the world of apps for musicians is full of tools for tuning your instrument -many of them of great quality-; however, none of them have such a select group of users like Cleartune, the app that uses groups like The Black Keys, The Killers or Gorillaz. This app (available for iPhone and Android) will surprise you, because behind its seemingly simple design, hides a precise and sophisticated chromatic tuner.

It’s doesn’t have an excessively high price (around 3 or 4 euros), but -even so- if you prefer to opt for a free app, we recommend Guitar Tuna (available for iPhone and Android). Although this free app doesn’t offer as many possibilities as the previous one, it’s also cast as one of the most accurate on the market.


Free yourself from lugging your music books everywhere, and please download an app like UnRealBook so you can carry them on your smartphone or tablet. Find, download or import your scores, sort them, make notes…Another app for musicians that has referrers of the highest standard: Billo Joel was using it on stage during his last tour!


This app is only available for iTunes, but there are other alternatives. For example, Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords (for Android users who are not interested in using their own scores, but in downloading them) will allow you to access a catalogue of over 400,000 songs -and growing every day- from your mobile phone.


So that you never play alone, we recommend this app, in which you can set up a real band that will accompany you as you practice: piano, guitar, bass, drums… In 2010, iRealPro was awarded as one of the 50 best inventions that year by Time magazine.


Available for both iPhone and Android, and ideal for all styles and levels. Of all the apps for musicians that we recommend in this post, this is the one that has the highest price (between 12 and 15 € depending on the operating system); so if you prefer to look for a cheaper option there are free apps that, while not as comprehensive, can also serve as an accompaniment, such as Touch Band (also for iPhone y Android).


Ever felt inspiration without having your guitar to hand to make it a reality? This app will stop it happening to you again. Garageband has long been one of the favourite apps for musicians and it’s no wonder: it lets you enjoy a complete recording studio on your mobile phone for composing on piano, guitar, drums, etc. You can add up to 32 audio tracks to your composition and share your music when you’re done! Available only on iTunes and with a price of around 5€.



We already know: it’s impossible to become a great musician with an untrained ear. Therefore our final recommendation, although well-known by all, can not be kept off this list of must-have apps for musicians: Spotify (iTunes and Android). If you haven’t already downloaded it to your phone…you must be one very few! Access a world of music, albums, artists and playlists, or you can create your own, or choose from the options the platform or other users have to offer you. The best part? MusicNexo is also here! Follow us and see our recommendations, listen to our playlists or even contribute with your own suggestions!

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