The clarinet, a versatile instrument


If you are considering taking on new challenges, maybe it’s time to think about learning to play an instrument. Many of our customers choose the clarinet because of its versatility and ease of learning compared to other wind instruments, such as the trumpet or trombone.

The clarinet is synonymous with romanticism, dexterity, communication, and expression. With the clarinet, you can go from softer and more relaxing sounds to stronger and more aggressive sounds, making use of the soberest and acute notes to reflect all the passion and feeling you carry inside your body.

Many artists have been able to understand the power of this instrument that was normally relegated to the sax or piano. However, in the early 20th century, jazz made it a leading instrument. Benny Goodman, Martin Frost, and Sabine Meyer are some of the clarinet players who have made this instrument one of the most versatile wind instruments. Undoubtedly, the clarinet can make from the most classic sounds such as Mozart´s Clarinet Concerto to more contemporary authors like Paquito D’Rivera, a Cuban musician.

Mozart´s Clarinet Concerto

Paquito D’Rivera

Characteristics of the Clarinet

1) The clarinet is a woodwind instrument composed of a tube with a reed of different hardnesses, cuts, and materials, fixed to the opening of the mouthpiece in the upper joint through the barrel, and with the lower joint.

2) The clarinets have about 20 holes, some of them open to cover them with the fingers, while others are covered by articulated keys. Depending on the quality of the clarinet, you will find an average of 17-18 keys. Mainly, we can distinguish two key systems: French and German, differentiated not only by the design and location of the keys but also by the internal and external proportions, which give the instruments different sounds.

3) There is a great variety of clarinets, from the tuned ones in flat such as the sopranino or alto clarinet and contralto to clarinets tuned in B flat, in C, and as the bass clarinet and the soprano.

1. Requinto 2. Soprano in B flat 3. Soprano in A 4. Soprano in C 5. Corno di Bassetto 6. High 7. Low 8. Double bass

4) When playing the clarinet, you should keep in mind that you must maintain a good posture so that breathing occurs in the lower part of the lungs with the stimulation of the diaphragm. Meanwhile, the tongue should remain relaxed, to get the best tuning possible.

clarinetAt Musicnexo, you will find a wide variety of Yamaha clarinets with a design that will perfectly suit your needs. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, at Musicnexo we have a great variety of clarinets perfect for you:
– From professional to low type clarinets.

– Tuned in B flat and E flat.

– 20 keys covered with silver and nickel, and 7 finger holes closed.

– Adjustable thumb support.

– ABS resin body with matt and “granadilla” finish.

¿Sabías qué Woody Allen es un virtuoso del clarinete-2Visit our online store and find the perfect clarinet. You can learn to play from Mozart and Johannes Brahms’ most classic melodies to the funniest and most contemporary ones like “The Imperial March” from Star Wars, or the music of Super Mario Bros. Do you accept the challenge?

If you are a beginner, we recommend you these clarinets.

Clarinete Yamaha YCL-255N
Clarinete Yamaha YCL-255N
Clarinete Buffet B12 BC2540 En Sib
Clarinete Buffet B12 BC2540 En Sib

If you already have some practice and you are looking for a new clarinet, these are our recommendations.

Clarinete Patricola CL2 En Sib De Grenadilla
Clarinete Patricola CL2 En Sib De Grenadilla

Clarinete Patricola CL3 En La De Grenadilla


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