SE-Electronics X1S microphone

SE-Electronics X1S microphone

117.00 € IGIC incluido
132.93 € IVA incluido
Boss Katana 50 MkII Amplifier

Boss Katana 50 MkII Amplifier

227.00 € IGIC incluido
257.91 € IVA incluido
Yamaha PSR-E463B

Yamaha PSR-E463B

269.00 € IGIC incluido
305.62 € IVA incluido
Batería Jinbao P1103RD

Batería Jinbao P1103RD

299.00 € IGIC incluido
339.71 € IVA incluido
Yamaha MG10XUF

Yamaha MG10XUF

224.00 € IGIC incluido
254.50 € IVA incluido
LD Systems D-1010 Memphis

LD Systems D-1010 Memphis

77.00 € IGIC incluido
87.48 € IVA incluido
Alhambra Z-Nature CW EZ

Alhambra Z-Nature CW EZ

407.00 € IGIC incluido
462.41 € IVA incluido
Roland Cube Street EX

Roland Cube Street EX

485.00 € IGIC incluido
551.03 € IVA incluido


Our products are guaranteed with the confidence and quality of great music brands. In our online store you will find the best brands, such Yamaha, Fender, Ibanez, Roland, Tama or Meinl in musical instruments; and QSC, LD System, DAP Audio, Showtec, Numark or Pioneer in audiovisual equipment, professional audio and DJ equipment. 

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  • Admira

    Admira Guitarras was founded in late 1944 by Enrique Keller Fritsch and has been dedicated to the manufacture of handmade Spanish guitars. In order to ensure quality guitars, they continue manufacturing them at their headquarters located in northern Spain. It is, therefore, a 100% Spanish product.
  • Aer

  • Akai

    Akai Professional entered the electronic music industry in 1984 with a purpose: to offer artists the tools they need to express and explore new musical possibilities. Since then, Akai Professional products have become a fixture of modern music, both in the studio and on stage.
  • AKG

    AKG Acoustics is an Austrian company that manufactures professional audio accessories, especially microphones and headphones. The company was founded in Vienna in 1947 and later acquired in 1994 by Harman International Industries.
  • Alesis

    Founded in 1980, the American firm Alesis introduced the innovative technology of semiconductor chips, obtaining winning industrial designs that allowed amateur musicians, professionals and audio engineers to use professional studio recording products that were never available before.
  • Alhambra

    On 14 June 1965, Manufacturas Alhambra, S.A. was established, manufacturing Spanish guitars, lutes and mandolins. Over all these years and to this day, Alhambra has been gradually implementing in the stringed musical instruments market, national and international, based on a continuous effort and a constant desire to improve.
  • Allen & Heath

  • Avid

    With a 25 year legacy of innovation and leadership, Avid is in a privileged position to help organisations and professionals succeed in the highly competitive and rapidly changing audiovisual industry.
  • AXL

    AXL is known for its creations in guitars and bass guitars, designed in the US by a team of world-class artists and engineers, as well as their amplifiers, electric guitars and basses for students and beginners.
  • Backun

  • Behringer


  • Boss

    Known around the world as the company that put the "stomp" in "stompbox", Boss is the division of Roland Corporation, most easily recognisable for its legendary line of colourful stompboxes for guitar and bass.
  • Buffet

    Buffet Crampon et Compagnie is a manufacturer of high quality woodwind instruments: oboes, clarinets, flutes, saxophones and bassoons. The company is mainly famous for its clarinets and being chosen as the brand of many professionals.
  • Cherub

    In 1998, two engineers began designing a single digital tuner. Currently, Cherub has become a designer and manufacturer of accessories for musical instruments with more than 400 employees. Cherub products include: metronomes, tuners, metronome-tuners, tone generators, pickups, sustain pedals, digital battery pads, pedals, and modeling effects.
  • D'addario

    D'Addario is a manufacturer of strings for musical instruments, well known for making electric guitar strings. Currently headquartered in New York, and one of the most important manufacturers of strings in the world. They manufacture not only several models of strings under their own brand, but also OEM strings that they sell to manufacturers of musical instruments.
  • Dap Audio

    Dap Audio is one of the brands sold by Highlite International, headquartered in Kerkrade (Germany) and founded in the 90s by Huub and Conny de la Haije. The company began as a store for show equipment and has since grown to become a company that distributes its products in more than 70 countries and has a workforce of more than 150 employees.
  • DBX

  • Dean Markley

  • Digitech

  • DV Mark

    DV Mark products are designed with a profound respect for the great history and traditions of the classic guitar amps, using cutting-edge technology to create a new standard for portable, lightweight and great sounding guitar amps.
    Based in Italy.
  • Elan

  • Evans

    Evans pads have been in the music industry for more than 40 years. Decades ago, Evans was the pioneer in manufacturing and designing pads. Nowadays, they're the innovators.
  • EVH

  • Fender

    Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, was founded by Leo Fender in the 1940s, and is the best known manufacturer of electric guitars and basses. Fender is particularly known for creating the first mass-marketed solid-body electric guitar, the Telecaster, the first mass-produced bass, the Precision Bass, and the world famous Stratocaster.
  • Fishman

    Constant commitment and the wide range of innovative products have helped Fishman grow to become an industry standard for acoustic amplification.
  • Focal

  • Focusrite

    Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd. is a UK manufacturer of audio equipment, worldwide renowned for its technological contributions in the evolution of recording studios. Focusrite designs and sells audio interfaces, microphone preamplifiers, mixers, analog equalizers, digital audio processing hardware and software.
  • Gretsch

    Gretsch is a US company, whose manufacture is practically limited to drums and guitars, such as the White Falcon or Duo Jet models.
  • Guild

    Guild is one of the historic guitar manufacturers of the world, with a reputation of many years building emblematic musical instruments.
Showing 1 - 35 of 104 items

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