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Type of bridge
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Furniture and pedals
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Self powered
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Nº of micro channels
Atril Guil AT02

Atril Guil AT02

16.40 € IGIC included
Atril Guil AT12

Atril Guil AT12

32.50 € IGIC included
Soporte para teclado Guil ST101

Soporte para teclado Guil ST101

23.35 € IGIC included

List of products by manufacturer Yamaha

Founded in 1887 as a piano and harmoniums factory by Torakusu Yamaha as Nippon Gakki Company, Limited., in Hamamatsu, and constituted on 12 October 1887. The origin of this company as a musical instruments factory is still reflected in the group's logo, which consists of three crossed tuning forks.
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Showing 1 - 35 of 223 items

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