Yamaha PSR-E363

Yamaha PSR-E363

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Korg Minilogue

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Korg Volca FM

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Korg Volca Kick

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Yamaha YFL-272 flute

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Yamaha Pacifica 611VFM TBS electric guitar

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Electric guitar Yamaha Pacifica 611VFM TBS electric guitar. The body type of this guitar is Strat, with Rosewood fretboard and 22 frets. It also has Guitar Humbucker/Humbucker pickups and Trémolo bridge.
Yamaha Pacifica 611VFM TBS electric guitar is a high quality electric guitar. You can buy it now at MusicNexo in an easy way and at the best price.


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Data sheet
Colour Sunburst
Neck Maple
Fingerboard Rosewood
Pickups Guitar Humbucker/Humbucker
Type of body Strat
Type of bridge Trémolo
Nº Frets 22
Strings 6

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