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    D'addario EJ15 strings set

    D'addario EJ15 strings set

    9.80 € IGIC incluido
    11.08 € IVA incluido
    Caña de saxo alto Vandoren Tradicional nº2.5

    Caña de saxo alto Vandoren Tradicional nº2.5

    3.32 € IGIC incluido
    3.75 € IVA incluido
    Ashton KS75 keyboard bench

    Ashton KS75 keyboard bench

    29.00 € IGIC incluido
    32.79 € IVA incluido
    Juego de cuerdas Daddario EJ27N

    Juego de cuerdas Daddario EJ27N

    9.56 € IGIC incluido
    10.81 € IVA incluido
    Cajón EK-Percussion CR1

    Cajón EK-Percussion CR1

    55.30 € IGIC incluido
    62.53 € IVA incluido
    AKG K-245 headphone

    AKG K-245 headphone

    99.00 € IGIC incluido
    111.95 € IVA incluido
    AKG K-240 STUDIO headphone

    AKG K-240 STUDIO headphone

    59.90 € IGIC incluido
    67.74 € IVA incluido
    AKG K-92 studio headphone

    AKG K-92 studio headphone

    46.00 € IGIC incluido
    52.02 € IVA incluido

    Pianos and Keyboards 

    Would you like to buy a piano or a keyboard? You’re at the right online store. At Musicnexo you’ll find a wide range of acoustic and digital pianos, portable keyboards, accordions and all the accessories you need. We have a wide range of musical instruments from the best brand names at good prices. We have brands such as Yamaha, Palatino, etc.

    • Acoustic Pianos
      Acoustic Pianos
      Find on our online store a wide range of acoustic pianos. Thereby, you can buy online a grand piano, an upright piano or a clavinova, for example... Of the best quality and from major brands such as Yamaha or Palatino. Your acoustic piano awaits you at MusicNexo.
    • Digital pianos
      Digital pianos
      Want to buy a Yamaha digital piano? Or a quality keyboard at the best price? Look no further. At MusicNexo we have digital pianos and musical keyboards from premium brands and for all tastes and needs. Check out our online music store catalogue.
    • Workstations & Synth
      Workstations & Synth
      On the MusicNexo online store you can buy workstations and digital or analog synthesizers that make your music sound like never before. Of the best value and with the trust of major brands such as Yamaha, Roland, Korg or High Professional.
    • Portable keyboards
      Portable keyboards
      Would you like to take your music wherever you go? With MusicNexo, it's possible. On our online store you can find a variety of portable keyboards from Yamaha, Roland and more... Have a look at our catalogue and wait no longer to buy your perfect portable keyboard.
    • Accordions
      Want to buy a quality diatonic accordion and at a good price? Or would you prefer a piano accordion? At Musicnexo you can buy online accordions from brands such as Hohner or Roland, of different ranges and at the best price. Look no further, you're in the perfect online store.
    •  Amplifiers
      Looking for amplifiers for keyboards and digital pianos? You're at the right online store. We have a wide range of amplifiers of different ranges and brands such as Alto Professional. Wait no more and grab one on the MusicNexo online store.
    • Accessories
      Benchs, pedals, keyboard stands... On the MusicNexo online store you'll find the piano and keyboard accessories you need to make your music sound to perfection. Check out our catalogue and find what you're looking for.
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    Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

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