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Patricola CL3 La grenadilla clarinet

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Made to play with a powerful and focused sound, the Patricola CL.3 Virtuoso A Clarinet is a favorite among European orchestral players and soloists. Each virtuoso clarinet features full grenadilla or rosewood body with silver-plated keys, Patricola's patented key adjustment system, and comes complete with two barrels.

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In order to increase intonation accuracy and provide an even feel throughout all registers, the CL.3 Virtuoso is equipped with a B4 barrel, new bell, and new body design. These improvements create a clarinet that plays as well or better than instruments costing thousands more. Patricola clarinets have among the lowest crack rate of any clarinet available today. Unlike other manufactures that kiln dry their wood, Patricola allows their wood to dry naturally for 11-13 years.  


  • Level: Professional

  • Key: A

  • Body, Barrel, and Bell Material: Grenadilla or Rosewood

  • Key Material: Silver-plated

  • Key System: Boehm (French) / 17 keys

  • Special Keys: Eb lever

  • Tone Holes: Undercut

  • # of Barrels: Two

  • Pads: Leather

  • Includes: Case

  • Crafted In: Italy

Data sheet
Bass drum size 20" bass drum

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