• Mezclador Alto Live 1604

    Mezclador compacto de 16 canales/4...

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Sintetizador Korg Minilogue

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Sintetizador Korg Minilogue

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Bafle amplificado de estudio Focal Alpha 50

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Bafle amplificado de estudio Focal Alpha 50

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Controlador Dj Numark NV II

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Controlador Dj Numark NV II

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Yamaha GC12S

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Yamaha GC12S

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Trompeta Yamaha YTR-6445HS II en Do

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Trompeta en do de la más alta calidad sonora con la campana en una pieza, perfecta para actuaciones sinfónicas.

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Monel pistons

Monel pistons are resistant to corrosion and are an ideal choice for professional trumpet pistons which must retain precise fit and smooth action over many years.

Hand-hammered one-piece bell

A one-piece bell has an axial (lengthwise) seam, making it a continuous extension of the instrument's material. This results in pure, uniform resonance and superior tone. A hammered yellow brass bell produces a perfectly-balanced tone with quick response and extra presence due to advanced manufacturing.

Annealed bell

Yamaha employs special computer-controlled annealing equipment to ensure that the end result of this heating and cooling process is a consistently superior sound.

Hand-lapped pistons and slides

Hand-lapping pistons and slides ensures an absolutely perfect fit and seal between the pistons and casing or slide parts. Such a perfect fit helps to achieve smooth air flow and smooth action and improve the response and intonation of the instrument.

Pressure-formed tubing

Perfectly rounded tubing results in less turbulence and a smoother air flow, thus allowing for an excellent scale and reduced resistance.

Laser-fused pluzuma welded bell

A high-energy laser fuses the brass together for a virtually seamless bell which allows continuous even vibrations.

One-piece drawn gold brass leadpipe

This type of leadpipe offers excellent intonation, response and proper resistance.

Single main tuning slide brace

The main tuning slide on the YTR-6445HII has a single brace which helps the response and tonal color of the instrument.

Specially treated metal

Through research, Yamaha designers have developed a process for treating metal that enables the heavyweight trumpets to deliver more power, better control, and richer sound.

Leadpipe thickness

The thickness of the leadpipe helps the trumpet have a better tone and response.

Metal thickness

The heavyweight trumpets have heavier metal through the instrument than the standard weight trumpets. Thicker metal helps the trumpets deliver a darker tone that does not break up with volume.

Metal valve guides

Darkened sound and improved tonal projection are the result of metal valve guides.

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